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RLB Motorsports is based in Northern California and proudly engineer and design all our products here in the USA. RLB is committed to offer premium products with a high standard of quality at a competitive affordable price.

RLB operates with the integrity and culture of a small business. We remember our modest beginnings and serve our customers, employees, and partners as valued friends and family!

THANK YOU! We know there are other companies that you could have purchased from, so it means a lot that you chose to buy from us. RLB Motorsports is a family-owned and operated business, so you can rest assured that we have you and your family’s best interest at heart. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us. support@RLBMotorsports.com

RLB Motorsports plug and Play chase lights LED Lights and LED Whips

What is Plug In Play More? It’s simply Plug In your RLB product and have More time to Play with your friends and family. RLB Motorsports understands the daunting task of electrical wiring. We have eliminated the worry by creating 100% Plug and Play products making installation easy as 1-2-3. No wiring experience required, no costly installation, no more hours in the garage. Just 1-Mount our product, 2-Plug it in with our Pigtail, 3-Turn it on and GO!

RLB Motorsports plug & Play chase lights LED Lights LED Whips Switch panel for boat marine or vehicle


RLB Motorsports was founded in 2014 by a Native Mexicali Resident and off-road racer. With an engineering background, he designed the first ALL-IN-ONE chase light as a solution to the DIY chase lightboxes and trailer lights everyone was using at the time. As just a fun side project at the time, and with everyone asking him to build one for them, “Rear Light Bar” was born.

On November 1, 2018, Rear Light Bar was sold to RLB Motorsports. With Dave and Cholena and their fresh set of eyes, RLB Motorsports was reborn into the market.

From November 2018 to today, everything about the company has been revitalized, revamped and redesigned to recapture that market. This includes a complete re-branding of the company from Rear Light Bar to RLB Motorsports, a new eCommerce website, new dealer program, and Amazon launch.

We have completely redesigned the Chase Lights making them 100% Completely Plug-N-Play with our PLUG-IN PLAY MORE™ Technology. Have introduced new chase lights, covering all forms of off-road racing, recreational use, and DOT street legal models.

We are not only, the only company offering a Plug-N-Play chase light, but also the only dual-color “Baja Sur” and dual function “San Felipe” chase light. In addition, we are the only company offering chase lights in 4 different sizes, 18”, 22’, 30” and 36”, to meet every car, truck, Jeep and UTV user out there.

On top of all our unique chase lights, we have designed and released additional products including the PRO8 Electronic Programmable 8 Button Switch Panel, the Carbon Fiber ProLock™ LED and Day Whip, 9-Watt Cree LED Rock and Dome Lights, Universal Plug and Play Pigtails and Universal Mounting Brackets.

We are continuously enhancing our current products as well as developing new products. Behind the scenes, we are working hard to develop front LED lighting, which like our chase lights, will be a unique new product with completely new technology; It will not be just another front LED light bar.

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