The All-In-One rear chase light is the “Original” LED Rear Light Bar. The ability to BESEEN™ with a Rear Light Bar is widely considered a safety requirement for racing and a necessity for all the off-road adventurists. Rear light bar dramatically improves rider safety on the trail or on the racecourse. This light bar is a must have for all enthusiasts looking for increased safety.

The original and most affordable 36” All-In-One Rear Light Bar with independent Brake and Running light sections. Available in Blue, Green, Amber, and White Strobe options.

Newest Generation Rear Light Bar, Single Color Strobe, Integrated Brake/Running Lights. Available in Blue, Green, Amber, and White strobe options and multiple sizes.

The newest technology released from Rear Light Bar; with innovative Dual-Tek™ technology, these light bars featuring a dual color strobe in a single LED luminaire. Available in all sizes and multiple color dual color combinations.