How To Choose Your Rear Light Bar

We are the only company on the market to offer a 100% COMPLETELY PLUG and PLAY rear LED chase light bar for UTVs, Polaris, CanAm, trucks, and any off-road vehicle. All of our LED chase lights at RLB come with high-quality Deutsche connectors that plug directly into our compatible pigtails. No more wire cutting or crimping required. Pigtails are available for all make and model UTVs; Polaris, CanAm, Kawasaki, Textron, Talon, Yamaha, and Speed.  If you are looking for high quality LED chase lights, look no further than RLB; the “original”  Rear Light Bar.

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Sizes: 18″, 22″, 30″, 36″

Dual Color LED rear light bar: Featuring our newest technology released from RLB. This LED chase light has the ability to switch between two different colors. Available in multiple dual color combinations; Amber/White, Blue/Green, Blue/White, and Green/White. All White LEDs remain solid for cargo/work light and all color LEDs can switch between 7 strobe/solid pattern options. Dual color functions operated by the included three-position rocker switch.

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Sizes: 22″, 30″, 36″

The Dual Function LED chase light includes two Amber LEDs, which either strobe or remain solid. What makes this light unique is the ability to control the ON/OFF function of the center White cargo/work lights with the included three-position rocker switch. Great choice for sand or rock crawlers who need safety lights and a work light.

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Sizes: 30″, 36″

FOR THE “DO-IT-YOURSELF” INSTALL: Our newest DIY LED chase light. Each light bar includes two Amber dust lights and center White cargo light. This rear light bar is not plug and play and does not include a switch. Recommended for those who are wiring to their own switch, switch panel, or any custom install. Two models, the San Felipe Race Series, with two solid Amber lights (no strobe) and the San Felipe BITD Series, Best In The Desert Tech Legal with one Amber solid light and one Amber strobe light requirement.


Home of the “ORIGINAL” All-In-One rear chase light and a must-have for all enthusiasts looking for increased safety. A rear LED chase light dramatically improves rider safety on the trail or on the racecourse. The ability to BESEEN™ is widely considered a safety requirement for racing and a necessity for all off-road adventurists.