Welcome to RLB, Rear Light Bar - Home of the original high quality All-In-One LED Chase Light. 100% COMPLETELY PLUG and PLAY! All chase lights come with water proof Deutsche connectors that plug into our compatible pigtails. Pigtails are available for ALL make and model UTVs. No more wire cutting or crimping. A safety must have for all enthusiasts looking for increased safety. A LED chase tail light dramatically improves rider safety on the trail, in the sand or on the racecourse. The ability to BESEEN™ is widely considered a safety requirement for racing and a necessity for all off-road adventurists. Available in 18", 22", 30", and 36". Available in dual color Amber/White, Blue/Green, Blue/White, or Green/White. Include Red running/brake lights, blinker capable and all white lights can be switched ON/OFF for a great cargo/work light function. Used on UTVs, ATVs, RZR, Jeeps, and trucks.