Baja Sur

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NOW, All light bars come with factory Deutsch connectors that PLUG directly into our optional factory Pigtail wire harness PLUG. Pigtails available for ALL make and model UTVs. No more wire cutting or crimping required, completely PLUG and PLAY! With our latest Dual-Tek ™ technology, the Baja Sur allows you to switch  between two selectable stobe colors in one LED luminare chip set. Dezert-Tek’s innovative LED design houses both colors in one LED; resulting in the highest penetration of both light sources from a single LED luminare all at the click of your BESEEN™ Rocker Switch. EXAMPLE, if you live in California or a state where Blue is emergency vehicle illegal, but OFF-Road in Nevada, or you race one series that requires Green and another Blue; you no longer have to choose one single strobe color or purchase two separate light bars; Dual-Tek™ technologies solves your problem! Strobe lights available in multiple Dual – Color combinations all with center amber dust lights. ­


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