A rear LED chase light bar dramatically improves rider safety on the trail or on the racecourse. The ability to BESEEN™ is widely considered a safety requirement for racing and a necessity for all off-road adventurists. This All-In-One rear chase light is the “Original” LED chase light and a must have for all enthusiasts looking for increased safety.

AVAILABLE IN 22″, 30″ AND 36″

Our newest generation Dual-Function LED chase light bar. Each light bar includes a single Amber dust light and a second dust light color of your choice. What makes this light unique is the ability to control the center reverse/work lights with our proprietary #BE SEEN™ three position rocker switch. Recommended for sand or rock crawlers who need safety lights and a work light.

AVAILABLE IN 18″, 22″, 30″, AND 36″


Featuring our newest technology released from Rear Light Bar; the innovative Dual-Color light. This LED light bar has the ability to select between two different colors in one single strobe. Available in all sizes and multiple dual color combinations. Recommend for the desert rider who needs extra LED lights for dust and chase light safety.