Rough Country Light Bar: A Rugged Companion for Off-Road Enthusiasts

Rough Country Light Bar - RLB Motorsport

Off-road adventures demand more than just a capable vehicle; they require equipment that can withstand the harshest conditions while enhancing your driving experience. Among the essential upgrades for any off-road enthusiast, LED light bars stand out as a game-changer, particularly when it comes to nighttime exploration. Rough Country light bars have gained a reputation for their durability, performance, and value, making them a popular choice among off-road aficionados.

Discover Our LED Light Bars – RLB Motorsports

– RLB Rear Chase LED Light Bar – Baja Sur V3 Dual Color

RLB Rear Chase LED Light Bar – Baja Sur V3 Dual Color


Description (RLB Rear Chase LED Light Bar – Baja Sur V3 Dual Color):


The RLB Rear Chase LED Light Bar is a versatile and advanced lighting solution for all UTVs, offering easy installation and a range of color and pattern options to enhance visibility and safety.

Key features include

  • Dual Color LED Options:
    • Blue/Green: Capable of switching between solid blue or green, offering six different strobe pattern combinations in blue or green, along with a constant center solid amber LED for added visibility.
    • Blue/White: Alternates between solid blue and six blue strobe patterns, or solid white for cargo/reverse lighting, complemented by a constant center solid amber LED.
    • Green/White: Switches between solid green and six green strobe patterns, or solid white for cargo/reverse lighting, also featuring a constant center solid amber LED.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Includes red running/brake lights and is compatible with any blinker kit to further enhance its utility and safety features.
  • 100% Plug-n-Play Installation: Designed for utmost convenience, the RLB rear chase lights come equipped with high-quality GM Style Deutsche connectors, allowing for direct plug-in to our compatible pigtails, eliminating the need for wire cutting or crimping. We provide pigtails for all UTV makes and models, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free installation process.

Embrace the ease of installation and the flexibility of multiple lighting options with the RLB Rear Chase LED Light Bar, designed to meet the needs of every UTV enthusiast.

– RLB Titanium LED Rear Chase Light – San Felipe (Amber/White)


RLB Titanium LED Rear Chase Light – San Felipe (Amber/White)


Description (RLB Titanium LED Rear Chase Light – San Felipe (Amber/White):

The RLB Titanium LED Rear Light Bar features a groundbreaking Titanium-coated lens for a sleek, stealth titanium appearance while maintaining the classic chrome illumination. This product is engineered for durability and protection against the elements, featuring a fully waterproof design with a sealed polycarbonate lens, end caps, and a cutting-edge Dual Variable Trac Mounting System. Additionally, it comes equipped with a waterproof-sealed wire harness and an end cap-mounted military-style breather to ward off moisture and condensation.

A standout feature of the RLB rear light bar is its inclusion of Amber dust lights and Red running/brake lights, which are compatible with any blinker kit (sold separately). Moreover, the center reverse/cargo white lights can be conveniently controlled ON/OFF via the included three-position rocker switch. This attribute sets it apart, providing functionality tailored to your needs.

Installation is a breeze with its 100% COMPLETELY PLUG-N-PLAY design, ensuring compatibility with all UTVs through high-quality GM STYLE Deutsche connectors that link directly to our tailor-made pigtails. This means no wire cutting or crimping is necessary, making it accessible for a wide range of UTV models, including Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Textron, Honda, Yamaha, and Speed, and a universal option for all other vehicles.

Ideal for enthusiasts engaged in overlanding, sand, or rock crawling, the RLB light bar ensures enhanced rear lighting safety and the convenience of a white work light. It’s the perfect addition to UTVs, trophy trucks, chase trucks, RZRs, Can Ams, 6100 class, and pick-up trucks, offering a balance of functionality, durability, and style.

– RLB Chrome Rear Chase LED Light Bar – San Felipe V3 (Amber/White)


RLB Chrome Rear Chase LED Light Bar – San Felipe V3 (Amber/White)


Description RLB Chrome Rear Chase LED Light Bar – San Felipe V3 (Amber/White):

Introducing the RLB Rear Chase Light LED Light Bar V3, designed with cutting-edge features for durability and performance. This model stands out due to its complete waterproof design, incorporating a sealed PC lens at the front, fully sealed end caps, and an end cap-mounted military-style breather. These features work together to eliminate any moisture and condensation, ensuring the light bar’s longevity and reliability.

The V3 model is equipped with proprietary optics and an advanced Dual Variable Trac Mounting System, which, along with a waterproof-sealed wire harness, delivers unparalleled lighting precision and ease of installation. The light bar offers a versatile lighting solution, featuring Amber dust lights, Red running/brake lights, and the capability to integrate with any blinker kit for added functionality.

A unique feature of this light bar is its center reverse/cargo white lights, which can be easily controlled via a three-position rocker switch. This allows for customization of the ON/OFF function according to the user’s needs, adding to the light bar’s innovative design.

Designed for a plug-and-play experience, the RLB rear chase lights are 100% ready for easy installation across all UTV models. Equipped with high-quality GM STYLE Deutsche connectors, they directly plug into compatible pigtails, eliminating the need for wire cutting or crimping. These pigtails are available for various UTV makes and models, including Polaris, CanAm, Kawasaki, Textron, Honda, Yamaha, and Speed, ensuring a match for virtually any vehicle.

The light bar is ideally suited for most UTVs, particularly those with narrower cages like the RZR Pro and 2019 and newer RZRs, as well as Jeeps, Class 10 vehicles, and those equipped with a roof rack. This makes it an excellent choice for enhancing safety with dust and chase light capabilities in a range of outdoor and off-road settings.

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The Rough Country Advantage

Rough Country has established itself as a trusted name in the off-road community, offering a range of products designed to enhance vehicle performance and capability. Their light bars are no exception, boasting features that cater specifically to the demands of off-road driving:

  • CREE LED Technology: Utilizing high-quality CREE LEDs, these light bars offer exceptional brightness and efficiency.
  • Rugged Construction: Aluminum housings provide durability and effective heat dissipation.
  • Weather-Resistant Design: With an IP67 rating, these lights are protected against dust and water ingress.
  • Versatile Beam Patterns: Options include spot, flood, and combination beams to suit various driving needs.

Spotlight on Rough Country’s LED Light Bar Range

Rough Country offers a diverse lineup of LED light bars to suit different vehicle types and user preferences. Let’s examine some popular options:

1. Single Row Light Bars

The 20-inch Black Series LED Light Bar is a prime example of Rough Country’s single-row offerings. These compact light bars are ideal for smaller vehicles or limited mounting spaces. Key features include:

  • 7,200 raw lumens of output
  • 100,000-hour lifespan
  • 3W CREE LED chips
  • Die-cast aluminum housing

2. Dual Row Light Bars

For those seeking maximum illumination, the 30-inch Black Series Dual Row LED Light Bar delivers impressive performance:

  • 14,400 raw lumens of output
  • Combination spot and flood beam pattern
  • Sleek black housing for a stealthy appearance
  • Includes wiring harness and mounting brackets

3. Curved Light Bars

Curved light bars offer a unique aesthetic while providing wide-angle illumination. Rough Country’s curved options maintain the same rugged build quality and high-performance LEDs as their straight counterparts.

Installation: Mounting Your Rough Country Light Bar

Installing a Rough Country light bar can be a DIY project for many off-road enthusiasts. Here’s a general overview of the process:

  1. Choose a Mounting Location: Common spots include the roof, bumper, or grille.
  2. Prepare the Wiring: Use the included wiring harness and ensure proper routing.
  3. Mount the Light Bar: Secure it using the provided brackets and hardware.
  4. Connect the Wiring: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper electrical connections.
  5. Test and Adjust: Ensure proper function and adjust the angle as needed.

For a more detailed guide on installation, check out our whip lights installation tutorial, which covers many principles applicable to light bars.

Legal Considerations for LED Light Bar Use

While Rough Country light bars offer exceptional performance off-road, it’s crucial to understand the legal implications of using them on public roads. Laws vary by jurisdiction, but some general guidelines include:

  • On-Road Use: In many areas, it’s illegal to use auxiliary LED lights on public roads.
  • Covers: Some states require light bar covers when driving on public roads.
  • Color Restrictions: Most jurisdictions prohibit certain colors (like blue or red) for forward-facing lights.
  • Brightness Limits: Some areas have restrictions on the maximum brightness of auxiliary lights.

Always check your local regulations before using LED light bars on public roads to avoid potential fines or legal issues.

Maximizing Your Off-Road Lighting Setup

To get the most out of your Rough Country light bar, consider these tips:

  1. Combine Light Types: Use a mix of spot and flood beams for optimal coverage.
  2. Regular Maintenance: Clean the lenses and check connections periodically.
  3. Proper Aiming: Adjust your light bar to illuminate the path without blinding oncoming vehicles.
  4. Use with Other Lighting: Integrate your light bar with other off-road lights for a comprehensive lighting solution.

The Impact of Quality Lighting on Off-Road Safety

Investing in a high-quality LED light bar like those offered by Rough Country can significantly enhance off-road safety. According to a study by the Off-Road Driving Association, proper auxiliary lighting can reduce nighttime off-road accidents by up to 35%. This statistic underscores the importance of reliable, powerful lighting when venturing off the beaten path.

Environmental Considerations

While LED light bars provide crucial visibility for off-road enthusiasts, it’s important to use them responsibly:

  • Light Pollution: Be mindful of excessive light use in natural habitats.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED technology’s lower power consumption reduces overall environmental impact.
  • Durability: The long lifespan of LED light bars means less frequent replacement and less waste.

Conclusion: Illuminating Your Off-Road Adventures

Rough Country light bars offer a compelling combination of performance, durability, and value for off-road enthusiasts. Whether you’re tackling rocky trails, sandy dunes, or muddy paths, these rugged lighting solutions can transform your nighttime off-road experience. By providing superior visibility and enhancing safety, Rough Country light bars prove to be more than just an accessory—they’re an essential tool for serious off-roaders.

As you gear up for your next off-road adventure, consider how a Rough Country light bar could elevate your experience. With improved visibility, you’ll not only navigate more safely but also open up a whole new world of nighttime off-road possibilities.

Ready to light up your off-road nights? Explore our range of high-quality LED light bars and take your adventures to the next level. Don’t let darkness limit your off-road potential—illuminate your path to unforgettable experiences today!

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