Shine the right light on whatever Mother Nature throws your way!

Sierra LED’s Dual AmberWhite™ Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology revolutionizes the market for automotive and marine forward projection LED lighting devices. Traditional automotive and marine LED light bars, spotlights and flood lights project a single light source from a single LED chip, requiring the user

to purchase two devices to cover all driving conditions. Sierra LED’s innovative LED design houses both a bright penetrating 6000 Kelvin White chip set as well a high penetrating 590 nanometer (nm) Amber/Orange chip set in a single LED package. The result allows the highest penetration of both light sources from a single LED luminaire all at the flip of a two position rocker switch.

Competitive automotive and marine LED lights that combine a row of amber only LED and another row of white only LED basically possess less total lumen output than the same size Sierra LED lighting fixture. Dual AmberWhite™ luminaires produce both amber or white light at the flip of a switch from each individual diode package in order to maximize total lumen output of the light source. This gives the user the highest level of both light sources when they need it at the flip of a switch.

The 590nm amber/orange light source is key to visual acuity in low light levels, especially in rough terrain or rocky conditions.  Scotopic Vision relates to human vision at low ambient light levels (e.g. at night) when vision is mediated by rods. Rods have a much higher sensitivity than the cones of our eyes. However, the sense of color is essentially lost in the scotopic vision regime. At low light levels such as in a moonless night, objects lose their colors and only appear to have different gray levels. As the Sun on a clear day produces over 10,000 foot candles / 100,000 lux of light, but the brightest retail store with electric light has less than 100 foot candles / 1,000 lux of light, the use of a high projection white light will never equal the light of a bright sunny day.  At night, what you need is effective light for the task at hand.  Keeping this in mind, Sierra LED has developed the Dual AmberWhite™ LED to have the additional Scotopic reactive 590nm Amber/Orange light source to bring out enhanced contrast and definition when in the face of rocky / irregular surface or inclement weather]and / or dusty conditions during the night.  The resulting LED products provide the user the ability to switch between 6000K high projection white light for smooth, clear conditions over to the Amber/Orange 590nm for inclement weather or rough trail conditions all from a single LED light bar.

IMG_2681Designed and engineered in Sacramento, California, U.S.A., Dual AmberWhite™ LED luminaires come in multiple sizes, utilizing specialized optics for both spot and flood light pods as well as multiple sized straight combo projection light bars.

Sierra LED practices and pledges continuous improvement for our products and processes and we are working with off road and industry professionals to develop new and improved luminaires to fit the needs of the industry. You owe it to yourself to be prepared for every condition that you find on the trail, in the water, or at work with Sierra LED Dual AmberWhite™ luminaires. Why settle for less?